2016 was FUN!

2016 has been quite the year and I glad for how marvellous it turns out to be though we started on the wrong foot, a little bit of a Drama is a must, but that’s what kept me going as they say “When life gives you lemons make lemonade!”

The year started with a weekly performance at the Bahia Palace on Sundays during the Marrakesh Biennale which was really amazing.

Event 2nd night

Hajitek Majitek-Once Upon a Time, I’ve talked about before  Check the blog here, it took place at The Kech Collective and it was a 5-night performance( one performance in two weeks) each one with a specific theme. It was the first time that I did such event and it was magical, the people who came to show their support and get entertained loved the stories and the whole atmosphere of the performance but the fun part is that people till now keep asking about when the second edition will take place and for that I’ve only one answered stay tuned, I like to take my time to make things happen.


I’ve a long history with Essaouira after all the performance I did, I needed a little bit of time for myself to generate new energy, I went to Essaouira but I ended up collecting stories as usual Read about it here. It’s always great being in Essaouira!

Social work or giving back to the community is one of the things being a storyteller is about and I love doing it, especially while working with the beautiful girls of Project Soar when you see the dedication and passion they put into learning new things or when I visited the Mohamed 6th Hospital to spend a day with Kids who has cancer, I would never forget that moment especially Adam who is in the picture with me.


After a busy half year, I took some time to work on a new perspective which is THE STORYTELLER which has seen the light at the Atlas Electronic Festival through a couple of performances and it was beyond what I expected it to be. It was FUN and NEW, I’ve had a blast while performing there but the most beautiful part of it is seeing people coming from different parts of the globe to Marrakesh to have fun and enjoy the culture to be in the moment. You can read about it here.


The year ended in grace with my very first art residency: Art Lab3 in Denmark by Raaderum. It marked the first time that I was out of Morocco and in a totally different culture and lifestyle from mine it was just amazing, I’ve had the best time in Copenhagen. I have got the chance to learn more about art and how I can become better at what I do. It definitely was a rich experience.

2016 was FUN! though there were ups and downs but that kept it going, it was the year of making a lot of dreams happen. Thank you to anyone who supported my journey and bared my craziness, it means really a lot and I appreciate it.
I wish you all a happy new year with a lot of FUN and success.
With all the best,
Your Storyteller Mehdi EL Ghaly


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