The Story of Them for #ArtLab3

In the previous blog, I mentioned that I have created a story inspired by a poem Grundtvig wrote for his wife Marie entitled ” What is it, my Marie.” I received a couple of messages asking what the story is about and I’ve decided to write this blog to explain a bit without spoiling, you never know I might perform this story one day and you’ll be around to see it live.

The Art Lab3’s final conversation was four stages journey. First, the participants need to search for coziness in other words, they contribute in arranging the setting. Second, a ceramic workshop with Sophus where participants learn about “The Wolf mancala Motiv” and make some ceramic cups. Third, they use their senses in baking “Marie’s butter cake” with Jette. Finally, after their journey with the three workshops, they set to start the conversation where I walk in to perform “The Story of Them” and we take it from there.

“The story of Them” was inspired by this poem of Grundtvig


The story is simply Moroccan with a flair of all that was going on in the poem, the workshops and the whole experience I have had in Denmark as a Moroccan storyteller. It was about this self-centered and ignorant ceramic craftsman and the beautiful village girl who taught him the lesson of his life.

When you read the poem, you can see that contrast and contradiction in both characters knowing that Grundtvig was blinded by Marie’s love to the point that he would do anything for her. On the other hand, in Moroccan storytelling, one idea that’s always associated with women is that they are tricky they can do anything to achieved what they want. So, I thought of why not mixing these two in a story which will in a way or another cover the journey, understanding of the poem and also staying true to what I do as a Moroccan storyteller.


Long story short, I won’t be spoiling the story but only bits of it, this ceramic craftsman is the best at what he does though he isn’t known for that but more for his ideas like that men are smart and tricky unlike women who are far from being that…as the story goes on, a beautiful village girl would stop by his shop and offer him a cookie saying ” I’ve heard about your ideas and I am amazed to know that man like you exist. I am shy to say that I’ve been looking for a man like you because you know I am just a woman who isn’t clever and I need a man to look after me.”
He replied quickly ” you came to the right man, you are also beautiful but beauty isn’t everything.” “Oh! you are right.” The story will develop from there and this beautiful village girl will make him go through a series of events where he is challenged to prove that he is smart as he claims in which he’ll fail and she would come to the rescue to prove him wrong and at the end she will say ” Women and men are both smart and tricky but man like you fall for what people look like not what they are about because you are self-centered and ignorant. Hear it from me, stop discriminating others and especially women because we can make your life a living hell if we want to.”

The story is not just about a man and a woman, it’s more than that there are other characters which shine a light on many issues our world, countries and us are going through. If I kept writing about the story, I won’t do it justice because when I perform stories you see what they are about unlike when you read them.

Thank you wonderful people for you interest in what I do.


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