The journey of Art Lab3

Art is not meant to be explained, but to be questioned.

 The residency of Art Lab3 by Raaderum in Copenhagen was the best way to end a year full of achievements. It’s the first time that I was out of Morocco, in a country that’s different from mine and to work with people that I have never met.

It was a wonderful artistic experience, I have been introduced to many artists and I’ve visited museums and exhibitions which enlightened me more about the various and wide range of artistic backgrounds.

When I was reached by Amalie from Raaderum to participate in The 3rd and final edition of the Art Lab, I was so excited for the experience, it took me a couple of hours to process things, and I said yes. From there, I started imagining how things will be, created a storyline in my head, but it was beyond what I expected and imagined.
So far, you know that I am a storyteller, meaning that, I work on creating, translating and performing Moroccan stories which I do alone because I am more productive that way and I like being with my material alone. So, the Art Lab3 was the opposite of that I needed to work with 3 wonderful artists: Jette Gejl, Sophus Ejler Jepsen and Ahmed Borham who come from different backgrounds.


We’ve have had daily conversations about art, culture, society, our backgrounds as artists, our practices and how all of this can contribute in discussing and shining a light on the issues and problems we are going through at this age. During our conversations, we always dive in deep with everything that pops up and that what made them rich because as I mentioned earlier each of us has a cultural and artistic background which is definitely different from the other, this created a sparkle that kept us going regardless if we agree or not.


I stayed at Ronnebaeksholm, where most of the conversations took place, it has a history that dates back to 1321 and when you are in a place like that, it triggers some curiosity in you to learn more about the history and what kept the place going. And that indeed was at the core of the final conversation of Art Lab3, the place itself held conversations about art and tackled the issues the society suffered from thanks to Marie, the very first woman who owned the place as it was before only owned by men. This story of the place has inspired us all to create the format for the final conversation and performance.

We showed our understanding of the story through our practices storytelling, contemporary art, ceramics and architecture. For my case, storytelling, I created a little story called it ” THE STORY OF THEM” I inspired it from a poem that was written to Marie by her husband Grundtvig entitled: What is it, my Marie. I gave the story this Moroccan format of simplicity, I believe in the simple it is, the more complex it gets but with a connection to what the other artists were working on. The story to me wasn’t just about the poet and his lover, but of us artists, the place we are at, our backgrounds and all that made our conversations rich. At the end, we delivered a cohesive story that we shared with people who also helped in putting their touch on the story of us, them and our collective journey with Art Lab3.
Art was there, it generated the conversations and made people ask questions, we’ve seen the potential of art as a tool to raise awareness and make people discuss and express their ideas.

Thank you to Raaderum for the opportunity and the brilliant artists for their energy and wonderful moments while making this happen.


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